Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Collected statistics

I started this blog on the 24th of May and today, two and a half weeks later, I discovered having already more than thousand pageviews. Thank you for visiting and very special thanks to all of those people who have taken time to comment! Even when I write this post I know that I have comments to answer to.

As a surprise present I decided to make an overview of the page statistics. I like sharing the blog backstage information, it makes one feel being part of the process. At least I feel that way whenever I get to read someone elses statistics.

During this time I have written 17 blogposts about MOOCs, writing and other related topics. The most visited ones being these:

May 29, 2013, 3 comments

Most commented post is "Author´s guide to slow twitter" with its five comments. The same post has received eight likes on google+. The second most liked post in google+ is "Creative imagination in art of education #artofeducation" which has received 6 likes.


Since I have been active in social media for some years by now I am used to send my seeds out and share materials (created by me or others). Facebook is the most common place where I send my articles or small news pieces but also Google+ and more recent discovery twitter.

During the last weeks I have had many mentions out there in the social media world. Most of them initiated by me but also by the other writers or readers. At first it came as a big surprise when a "real" writer took time to comment or send a message. I have been especially interested in twitter world in these recent weeks probably because it is new to me, therefore I would like to share some of the twitter comments here:

Excellent blog piece on Author´s Guide to Slow Twitter Evelin! Thx for connecting!

Jim Denney is an author of a series called "Timebenders" and has a blog here

The Daily Wryter is out! ▸ Top stories today via

Betty Write-Goode invites people to a writers blog "The Daily Wryter" that on the 28th of May featured my piece about Isol:

How to write children´s books? Learn from Isol, the winner of ALMA price 2013.

I have been  active in twitter nearly every day and really like the idea of being present while tweeting. Welcome to connect and slow tweet with me @tammevelin.


It is so inspiring to know that people who arrive here to learn to write in English come from all over the world. US and Sweden are the most active in visitor numbers but there are also many other countries on the list. stats are quite poor because they show you a very limited number of entries and because of this I do not know exactly how many contries could be listed if we counted each. I will post here the list that is available via There are possibilities to use other tools for counting but I am not so seriously into the statistics, it is much more about the writing process, communication and sharing than numbers to me.  

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom


One of the most important part of social media and blogging is that it is connecting us in our thinking, writing or other creative work. To be connected means to get engaged in the process via commenting, sharing, reblogging. The bloggers are like a huge global community constantly working in millions of different directions. The beauty of this fragmented lot becomes visible when we start to find the connecting points and really meet each other.

Part of this blog is the idea to be publishing texts of other people. We are nearly always quoting each other but I would like to share some stories about learning experiences of people from all around the world. Therefore I invite you to send me a story where you tell how you become a writer or started to write in English. I would like to feature your story in this blog to inspire others who are just starting their journey.

If you have a story you would like to share, please send it to Who knows perhaps your story is the one that will be published and read worldwide?  


  1. I love the quote "One of the most important part of social media and blogging is that it is connecting us in our thinking, writing or other creative work. To be connected means to get engaged in the process via commenting, sharing, reblogging." LOVE, LOVE. As a somewhat newbie to social media and blogging; that is what I want. To be connected through my thinking, as simple as it is sometimes, just for my thoughts to be out there and to have the potential to connect with someone.

  2. Thanks, Britney! That was a wonderful comment!

    We are all newbies in the social media realms, only the younger generation is born into it. We are all learning, reading and collecting here, this is the way how the collective intelligence is working. Sometimes it just amazes me how fast we can learn from each other if we just dare to be open and overcome our inner barriers...

    Yesterday I attended an online talk with Dave Cormier he shared his ideas about learning, "rhizomatic learning" if to use his words, I think that is an intriguing metaphor about social processes online. I made a mindmap out of the talk, perhaps you are interested?
    probably I will be writing some more on the topic soon.

    Thank you once again for dropping by and leaving here some traces of your presence, making me think, teaching me!

    I wish you good luck with your journey, Britney!