Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Author´s guide to slow twitter #artofeducation

I started with twitter @tammevelin few weeks ago, and was going through all the experiences described in most of the guides for beginners in twitter... I have found out that many online writers learn soon how to start to use the twitter tools for automatic online marketing and tend to forget about the real meaning of communication between us, human beings. Instead it is the machine that chooses whom to follow or whom to dump, it is the machine that finds the keywords of the day, they will RT(retweet) because then you are kind of forced to return the favour etc.  

Human beings are machines
human beings are machines
human beings are machines
human beings are ...

Are we? Machines?

Thanks to your blogpost, Richard, I found some new information about how some "professional" people treat others with the help of the available online tools. I know now, that I have to learn to make a difference between the real communication, personal meetings online, you sending me a message, and the advertising industry shallow lines to sell a product.  

I do not need to sell anything and I buy so very rarely. Writing is a way of life to me, meeting people is a possibility to co-create our worlds together. You might think that it is naive but I call it authentic and slow life. Meeting the Other is what brings value, that is what creates what´s human in us.

I like the idea of being present while communicating with others and dislike the automatic approach, the social media machinery. I am inviting people to think twice before giving up their personal presence while sending out their unique messages to the world, sending their messages to us. The automatic messages loose their value, you will be alone much too quickly, we all will be alone because no one will be reading these automatic messages sent in every 24,5 minutes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In this way you turn yourself into machines, you are part of something else, something not human and the communication has lost all its meaning. There is no you and me anymore. It is just the machinery continuing the "business as usual".

I look outside through my windows and see how the spring is coming, write some lines and send a tweet or write a blog post. My life is not automatic, it is real. I am present.



  1. Hello Evelin,

    Your post made me think of this bit from comedian Bill Hicks:


    Do be aware, he uses a LOT of profanity, but the message about marketing and advertising is insightful, in a Bill Hicks sort of way. :)

  2. Thanks William,
    I watched it. Kind of out of my style of communication... die, die, die... not nice. These people are trying to make a living, somehow they too have to live and get food on the table. There is also marketing that is friendly, specially here in Scandinavia, if you mess up with your image, you have lost. Marketing is much more hidden and consumer friendly. One might question if it is good for us but somehow we have to find our soap and our shoes. I am not so much into shopping and during the years I have developed immunity to certain things, mostly I just turn away. For example no television in my house nor the newspapers or ordinary magazines etc. I simply avoiding extra noise. Slow living :).

  3. To be realistic, much of a person´s life is steered by unconscious, automatic reactions and actions. Otherwise we wouldn´t be able to navigate in the deep sea of information around us.

  4. Wonderful Evelin!

    I do subscribe to your #slowtwittering, but perhaps I should call it #howling as it is this, mainly night-time, lunar pastime that I indulge in, aiming my 140, not only at the moon but to the other lone wolves out there and sometimes I hear the distant echo of a follow slow canine and we connect, attracting a pack until, finally the machine takes over and trends step in awkwardly with their brash, glaring stupidities and obscenities.
    I will link with you, dear slow one and we shall endeavour to group once more, taking over the twilight ranges of @twitter and morphing the space into a permanent dimension of intelligent communication!
    We shall slay the 140 limit by cleverly imbuing vaster meanings into our words until the defeated twitter turns over and squirms beneath our feet and the media has to acknowledge that it has to succumb to the desire of what has to be truly social communication!

  5. Hi Evelin,

    I agree, slower living. I don't have TV either and try to avoid marketing and advertisements as much as I can. Living in the US, it is perhaps a different situation then in Scandinavia. I feel Bill Hicks frustration. The marketing here is much more than just finding what soap to buy. It is insidious. Everything and anything is targeted as a 'market' and we are bombarded constantly with advertisements. It is really bad here. Perhaps this is why the humor didn't translate well.