Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Online handbooks about scientific writing

There are loads of online material available for everyone who would like to write and publish something. The more I am getting into it, the more links I am finding with tips and pieces of advice. It seems to me that the reason for poor writing cannot not be the lack of online materials to support your writing process. It must be something else... yet to be figured out...

Before you can start your scientific writing, you need to do a lot of reading. That comes first, nothing can replace that  (not even a great editor). And then, before starting with your writing process, it is important to think about the audiences and language you are using and many other aspects in writing. There are so many things to consider before the actual writing, not to mention of course that there is so much to think while writing. Thinking, thinking, thinking...

- Where to find support then?  And be short!

For example there is a useful free online journal that helps you through the process of getting your scientific article published created by Elsevier writers with the title " Understanding the Publishing Process: how to Publish in scientific and medical journals". Perhaps that will give you some firsthand assistance?

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