I am taking part  of three online courses to improve my writing in English. These are: English Composition I: Achieving Expertise held in Duke University, Writing II: Rhetorical Composing held in Ohio State University and Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade held in Mt. San Jacinto College.

For the first two courses I have used my blog called "Discussions with an AppleTree". It is a blog where I share my work in English. During the last weeks it has received quite many visits and followers. I can witness how the community of my readers is growing with my confidence in writing. Because of the course design I have received a lot of feedback and peer support that I feel most grateful for. It is not so easy to overcome the fear of not being able to express yourself in the proper manner, especially if you are writing in an academic environment where the expectations for the mastery of English are far above the average.

This blog here will be a space where I intend to collect materials that have more to do with the editing process or will provide an online toolbox for writing. Here I will work with the ideas and grammar before there will be anything to publish. It will be a kind of working space or a writing workshop where you can drop-by and look at what happens backstage of writers blogs, articles and books.

Since I am also making classes about creative writing and organising poetry workshops in Estonia and in Norway it might be that I post here and there a short reflection about what is going on in these spaces, sometimes I might share some lines about what am I working with at the moment.

I welcome you to this blog and look forward of our conversations about how to write and create in words and languages. This is a communicative space so please feel free to share your thoughts, links and make suggestions.

If you would like to work together with me, create some courses, workshops or collaborative art spaces, feel free to contact me via my email tammevelin(@) or follow me on twitter @tammevelin.   

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