Monday, May 27, 2013

Personal Benchmark Statement for First-Year Composition 2.0

Today I started a new writing course. It will be my fourth. It is a kind of a marathon but I ´ll try to keep myself on top of it. So far so good.

The team of the First-Year Composition 2.0 with Dr. Karen Head as their leading figure promises that I "will gain confidence in using written, visual, and oral communication to critique and create documents and presentations." 
Over the next 8 weeks, not only will you will draft and revise a personal essay, create or select an image to illustrate the same concept, and transform that essay into an oral presentation, but you will also develop confidence in yourself as a communicator along the way. More specifically, the work you do in First-Year Composition 2.0 will help you to practice and improve your competence in the following areas: 
Critical Thinking: Evaluate the effectiveness of personal essays, images, and oral presentations. Assess your work and the work of your peers. Reflect on your own processes and performance.   

Rhetoric: Analyze the ways in which you and other communicators use persuasion. Think about and use context, audience, purpose, argument, genre, organization, design, visuals, and conventions.  

Process: Apply processes (read, invent, plan, draft, design, rehearse, revise, publish, present, and critique).  

Digital Media: Produce written, oral, and visual artifacts. 

One of the very firsts tasks is to write a short Personal Benchmark Statement.

Within the next weeks I will write at least 10 blog posts related to writing in English and at least one longer article for a magazine. I will improve my grammar and active vocabulary.   

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  1. You've inspired me to take the plunge and start a blog myself, just wanted to thank you for that :)

  2. Hi Els, I think that blogging is just great! You get to share your ideas, practice writing, find new people to discuss your ideas with etc. I have many blogs in several languages and I find it very rewarding to communicate with the world using blogging. Wishing you good luck and keep me updated how it is going...